How we work with you

We provide you with senior level support throughout.


For Law Firms

For law firms that are looking to hire partners, we will provide you with a comprehensive long-list showing concise biographical details of all prospective candidates, including information on clients and recent transactions.

We will meet in person or by VC to discuss the long-list with you and agree the list of individuals to approach in the first instance, as well as a secondary list of candidates that we agree to speak to should it be required. We will speak with as many of the agreed target individuals as possible in order to market the opportunity to them and to further determine suitability and interest.

Throughout the process, we will send you a weekly report detailing the progress of the search. We then guide the process through to final placement.

We work with international firms in London, the US and Asia.


For Candidates

For partners who are considering their options and thinking of moving, we offer a very discreet consultative service.