Diversity & Inclusion

As a firm dedicated to building our clients' talent capabilities, we view diversity as an essential ingredient to enhance growth.  This mindset ensures our success and we believe is also critical to the success of our clients.

Gershon Legal Search have a genuine appreciation for the value of diversity.  To make better decisions and drive innovation, firms must continue to identify individuals with different backgrounds and beliefs.  We look for individuals to join our clients' organisations who have varied life experience; that can offer a fresh approach to solving problems; who are individual yet who are also inclusive and understand the importance of teamwork.

D&I goes beyond simply including people of differing social groupings.  The real objective is to achieve a diversity of outlook.  Only this can enhance a firm's culture and capabilities ensuring a sustainable competitive advantage.

We are committed to providing our clients with advice and solutions to help them achieve this goal.  We maintain relationships with potential candidates that are inclusive and diverse. We embrace a merit-based approach to executive legal search and talent development, whereby we access candidates on the basis of experience, competence and determination.  We do this in accordance with the needs of our clients, adopting processes that are both fair and transparent.

Accessing and developing diverse talent is fundamental to the success of Gershon Legal Search, our clients and our candidates.